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CAA Insurance

CAA Insurance has been providing top class insurance products to Canadian motorists and travellers for more than 100 years now. This company is very popular in the country because of the really high quality insurance solutions that they provide for very competitive costs... more
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I tried to purchase from AMA, and not CAA, so I am not sure if this review applies country wide.

They refused to accept my trip cancellation/interruption insurance.

I spoke to an agent at the local AMA and she told me that she could not sell me insurance. I phoned the Head Office, and they confirmed she was correct.

The reason?
Because I had not purchased all my travel directly from the supplier they could not insure me. i.e. I had to buy my cruise directly from Princess, each hotel directly from the hotel, the air directly from the airline, the rail in the UK directly from the rail company. If any element of my trip had been purchased through a travel agent (and they included themselves!) they could not sell me insurance.

I have checked 7 or 8 online insurance sellers; reviewed their questionnaire and not one asks WHERE I purchased my travel arrangements--merely HOW MUCH they cost. Even as I write this I find this policy to be consumer-unfriendly and seems to be designed to avoid this type of insurane. more

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Written by DocTerry on May 15, 2016