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COSECO Insurance

COSECO Insurance is very popular in Canada right now because of the excellent Insurance products that they can offer. This company has been in the Canadian insurance market for more than 20 years now and their growth as a company has been steady... more
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Overall Rating: (1/5)

they are in business and they answer the telephone

Do not honor the premiums discussed via telephone, they charge more

Avoid Coseco Insurance like the plague. I followed up with an online quote and went thru with the policy because of the low price. They emailed me the temp cards immediately, but 3 days later I receive policy by e-mail and policy premium is almost $1100 more per year and now there charging a months premium (the inflated premium) to cancel the policy. Scum bags! Like come on!!! Why don`t you call the customer and let them know, so they can decide what to do. My first and only dealing with them and I would highly recommend going elsewhere for your insurance. I ended up paying almost $300 for only 3 days of car insurance more

Helpful Rating: 2

Written by Darren Fletcher on Jun 13, 2016

Overall Rating: (1/5)

rate may be cheaper in my opinion you need to be careful if you have a claim.

Cooperators (on Behalf of COSECO insurance Company will insure your home at a decent price, however once you are insurance and agreed on a price be wary. If they find they have given you an excellent deal and they cannot increase your price for that year, they will then look for reasons to increase your rate. in my situation, since the law was just passed that if you have snow tires your insurance must provide you a discount on your vehicle. So I called in and Natalee Powell answered. She started to ask many many questions and then didn't believe anything and asked for title insurance on your home, ask you how I filed your personal income tax (whether joint or separated). I told her joint, which is non of her business non-the-less but could provide proof if required. Then asked for proof of owership for my home and my partner who had his own home. As for proof of ownership for both vehicles. If you have extra insuring jewelery ie: diamond ring they will ask where is the ring. The obvious answer was on my finger as I am wearing it. Then once you have answered everything on the phone, they insinuate you are lier and will give you a deadline to produce all the documents as proof. Natalee Powell asked for title insurance, ownership of the home, vehicles and more. And once you have provided, title insurance for your home, proof of license proving your resident address and all the information they required validating what you told them in the first place she responds to that same email stating she needed more and then picks up the phone and actually denies receiving any documents.... hmmmm). Then not only do they deny any receipt in the verbal communiction but cancel our policies out of spite, given us 9 days to source out a new insurance provider even before the deadline date they provided of February 1st 2016. Therefore they received all the information they asked for, January 8, 2016 and all was true on our end and they decide to cancel our policy, non-the-less January 18, 2016 effective february 1, 2016 which was the deadline provided for us to provide proof of ownership and documents


Note: If they gave you an exceptional deal, BEWARE, because if something should happen, as they told me that I wouldn't have been covered. this is because of their mistake and how they insured/wrote the policy. I fear and believe in my opinion that should something happen and you have a claim, they may look for the niddle in the haystack and be very difficult and may not honour your claim. BEWARE!

What triggered all this is that I called to say that I have snow tires on my vehicle to save 5% as they passed a law January 2016 that insurance companies must give discounts. The person who answered my call was Natalee Powell at co-operators Group Insurance.

Beware!!! more

Helpful Rating: 4

Written by Adriana on Jan 19, 2016