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Desjardins Insurance

Desjardins Insurance is considered as one of the largest insurance companies in Canada. This company is now providing their services to almost 6 million policy holders which is a number is still increasing significantly... more
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Overall Rating: (1/5)

Non so far.

Quality of service not as good as previous insurer.

Our organization just switched our group health insurance to Desjardin so far the experience has not been a positive one. They are rejecting claims the previous insurer covered. I guess there is a reason why their quote was cheaper. The quality of the service is also cheaper. more

Helpful Rating: 4

Written by K Emb on Jul 28, 2013

Overall Rating: (1/5)

They have become one of Canada's largest through slick, feel good, advertising.

My personal experience is that Desjardin has done everything possible to avoid paying a legitimate claim. They are sued constantly and think they can save money by kicking people off plans and then hoping people will go away rather than hire a lawyer.

This is an insurer you will want to stay away from, some insurers are better than others about paying claims and they are not one of them.  more

Helpful Rating: 5

Written by Al Johnson on Apr 02, 2013