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Pembridge Insurance

If you are looking for a Canadian Insurance company that can really offer you a wide range of high quality insurance products, then one of the best options that you have right now is the Pembridge Insurance. This company is a really trusted name in the country when it comes to top class but affordable insurance solutions... more
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CHEAP...for a reason

DO NOT GET THEIR SERVICES. The worst company to deal with. They have cheap prices, but will make you pay for it in other ways. God forbid you get into an accident, they are not cooperative at all, they don't call back when they say they will, they will not look into any evidence of an accident that is provided and say they witnesses are pointless. They also LIED and said they gave the shop permission to start but it took them 3 weeks to inform the shop to start!

Horrible to deal with..rude claims representatives.
Not helpful at all caused so much headache and stress to get any kind of response from them. scammers and liars  more

Helpful Rating: 9

Written by mary on Nov 24, 2015