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Insurer: Westland Insurance | Rating: 4/5 by Spat Reviews

Westland Insurance is a Canadian Insurance company that you can really trust when it comes to providing you the insurance policies that you need in order to have a secure life. The Personal and Commercial Insurance products that they offer are known to offer some really great benefits to its owner and it is all because of the amazing features that Zenith Insurance that the company have loaded into it.

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One of the strengths of this company is the outstanding customer service that they provide to all of their clients. The company was established on 1980 on a single office in Ladner as a community-based insurance provider. This company actually just focuses in the small communities that they are trying to reach out so that the will be able to give a personalized service to all of their clients. But even though their simple approach in running their business the number of the customer have been increasing significantly. The company now has 41 offices scattered all over the country and they are now serving more than 23 communities in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast, Fraser Valley, and Okanagan Valley.

Here's a list of all the insurance products that you can take out from Westland Insurance:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Marine and Boat Insurance
  • Personal Liability Umbrella Insurance
  • RV Insurance
  • Storage Insurance

The most popular insurance solution that is being offered by this company is their Business Insurance. A lot of Canadian business people really love this policy because of the fact that it is the most complete Business Insurance policy with a very complete line of fantastic coverage options that being offered in the Canadian Insurance market right now.

Contact Info.

Homepage: http://www.westland-insurance.com/

Email Address: N/A

Phone Number: 1-800-899-3039



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