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Westland Insurance

Westland Insurance is a Canadian Insurance company that you can really trust when it comes to providing you the insurance policies that you need in order to have a secure life. The Personal and Commercial Insurance products that they offer are known to offer some really great benefits to its owner and it is all because of the amazing features that Zenith Insurance that the company have loaded into it... more
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Written by on Jan 01, 1970

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:( :( :( :( :( 💩💩💩💩💩 #Fraud : Last year sold they sold me 2 invalid policies they had no intent of honoring!! This year they refused to give a proper receipt then they double billed!!

(FYI The Sechelt Manager supervises the Pemberton Office so this is why a Pemberton review is important to Sechelt residents.)

I would prefer to give them #Zero or #Negative s t a r s. 1 is as low as you can go & much more than they deserve! 💩💩💩💩💩

Watch out #CaveatEmptor does not mean the King wears ties.

2014: Last year when we bought 2 #condos prior to closing we got #Insurance . We informed the agent were going to rent them to #Huka for the #PembertonMusicFestival staff. #Pemberton #WestlandInsurance Staff said no problem, everybodyís doing that - I feel bad that dozens of my neighbours in #Pemberton were also sold & are still apparently paying #WestlandInsuranceGroup for invalid #Insurance policies that will not cover Resort of Worker rentals. Not to mention the thousands of Resort condos (Un)Insured in #WhistlerVillage, apparently the same way. They sold us 2 family type rental policies for related persons only, that were invalid for the Huka unrelated Staff. This did not come to light till we got a 2nd condo & requested another policy for multiple renters in #WhistlerWorkerHousing. The matter was not rectified till I posted a review on g+ & multiple #SocialMedia sites.
#2015 : What is worth noting, is that Westland staff were extremely reluctant to issue a receipt, & II really wanted a clear itemized receipt after last yearís scam. I was on hold with Visa, about to request a stop payment when they announced they would produce a receipt; then it bore only serial numbers . I said I would resume stop payment, if the receipt did not bare descriptions & addresses for the 2 apartments & the umbrella policy. Then a sorta receipt was produced without the addresses now I understand why. Then I believe literally the 12th time I demanded a receipt with addresses, 1 was finally produced. I see why they only want to give a credit card transaction slip, like when you buy a burger, as receipt because it would be impossible to prove what I paid for.
Westland's Staffís mistakes have more the air of, literal, Criminal Fraud its interesting how they seem to benefit Westland & not the client. Great trick selling insurance that you never have to worry about paying out as the policies are invalid from day 1.
This is the 2nd year in the row!!!...that the staff have misrepresented their products. They now want me to pay again for the umbrella policy. These are bad people. Donít pay them in #cash or #check, regular #debit or #bankdraft, use a #creditcard or #VisaDebit so you have insurance against paying for #FakeInsurance. #Visa is being very helpful. Iím disputing charges for something they want me to pay again twice!

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Written by westland sucks on Aug 13, 2015

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13-14 years of good rapport and friendly service

13-14 years claim free and they refused to renew our insurance with little notice to make other arrangements. Inconsiderate head office.

We have our home and a couple rentals on our property. After 13 years of claim free insurance through Westland they decided to not renew our policy leaving us barely 30 days notice to scramble and find new insurance. Leaving us with a "nonrenewal" blemish on our record made this even more difficult/costly. The only reason Westland gave us was we dont meet underwriters criteria. Thanks for the notice Westland. more

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Written by mike on Feb 26, 2013